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Google picks 20 Indian AI startups for accelerator programme

[December 8, 2023] Google earlier in the year in July, invited Artificial Intelligence (AI)-first startups to join the mentorship programme in India. Over the last few months, the company received more than 720 applications. Now, the search engine giant has picked 20 Indian firms. "In India, we are committed to fostering an environment that nurtures innovative startups and fuels the rapidly evolving AI landscape...Read more in Deccan Herald

Also covered  in The Economic Times, The Hindu Businessline, Zee Business and inc42.

Bengaluru start-up explores a sustainable drug discovery model for cancer treatment

[July 21, 2023] Antibody therapy for cancer treatment, a more precise and lesser harmful alternative to chemotherapy, has been around for many years now. However, for the common person, it has remained prohibitively expensive costing around ₹4 to 5 Crore. Bengaluru-based startup immunitoAI may have a solution for this. Founded by Dr. Aridni Shah and Trisha Chatterjee, immunitoAI is building an AI platform for antibody-based drug discovery which makes designing and developing antibody drugs faster and more efficient...Read more in The Hindu

Correction: There is a typographical error. Please read ₹ 1 million as USD 1 million.

At C-CAMP in Bengaluru, science is discussed with a ‘sweet’ touch

[June 29, 2023] It’s a pleasant Friday afternoon at the quaint campus of the Centre for Cellular and Molecular Platforms (C-CAMP) in Bengaluru. A small crowd has gathered inside the cafeteria. The café staff lays down bowls in which soon the crowd would be served ice cream and mango slices. Meanwhile, Dr. Mukund Thattai, faculty at the National Centre for Biological Sciences (NCBS), and Dr. Aridni Shah, co-founder and CEO of immunitoAI, get ready for an informal chat with the audience on computational approaches in medicine... Read more in The Hindu

pi Ventures: Our Seed Investment in immunitoAI: AI powered Antibody Discovery & Screening

[September 9, 2021] Healthcare today is moving towards targeted therapies as they are more effective and have lesser side effects compared to the traditional treatments. Antibodies are an emerging candidate for targeted therapy and have shown promise... Read more from pi Ventures

The Economic Times: Biotech startup immunitoAI raises $1 million in seed funding

[Sep 09, 2021, 06:39 PM IST] The company provides services to pharmaceutical companies that use artificial intelligence to discover and identify antibodies. Antibody therapy uses synthetic version of the body's antibodies that are supposed to help treat diseases such as cancer and autoimmune disorders... Read more on The Economic Times

YourStory: [Funding alert] Biotech startup immunitoAI raises $1M in seed round led by pi Ventures

[September 9, 2021] immunitoAI, a biotech startup that is developing an AI-powered antibody discovery and screening platform, announced on Wednesday that it has raised $1 million in a seed round... Read more on YourStory

YourStory: [Funding alert] Entrepreneur First announces pre-seed investment in 8 Indian tech startups

[March 18, 2021] Global talent investor Entrepreneur First (EF), on Thursday, announced a pre-seed investment of $440,000 in eight tech startups from its fourth cohort in India... Read more on YourStory

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