About Us

About Us

We are an in-silico Antibody Discovery company and we use Artificial Intelligence and our in-house lab to give you the fastest and most accurate solutions.

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Meet our Founders

Dr. Aridni Shah, Co-Founder and CEO

Aridni is a PhD in Biological Sciences from National Centre of Biological Sciences, TIFR.

She has 9 years of experience in immunoassays, molecular techniques & data analytics.

She has worked with antibodies for years, and has in-depth insights into the Biotech Industry. She wants to tackle the shortcomings of the industry and contribute by enabling faster and better Discovery of Antibodies.

Trisha Chatterjee, Co-Founder and CTO

Trisha is a Masters in Computer Science from Delhi University.

She has 9 years of R&D experience applying Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in various industries like Advertisement, Logistics, etc.

She has always been part of the startup ecosystem. Having solved complex real world problems in various other industries, she now wants to contribute to the Biotech Industry by enabling faster and better Discovery of Antibodies using Artificial Intelligence.

Meet our Scientists

Dr. Bhawna Burdak

Dr. Rajashree Kadam

Dr. Suman Sengupta

Dr. Sambuddha Sen

Dr. Paulomi Sanghavi

Meet our Research Software Engineers

Sumanyu Hajela

Sarath Mohan

Devendra Singh Chundawat

Nimesh Agrawal

Meet our Software Engineers

Gaurav Singh

Abhishek Jhade

Abhishek Jain

Meet our Research Associates/Assistants

Anwesha Paul

Srushti Kore

Meet our Supporters

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